Persons Named James In The Bible


Kinship Mentioned
Year of Death
A)  James the Apostle
       (The Greater)
Mk 3:13-19
Acts 12:1-2
Son of Zebedee, Brother of the Apostle John (writer of Gospel)
44 AD
B) James the Apostle
      (The Lesser or
           The Younger)
Mk 3:18, Mk 15:40
Acts 1:13
Mt 10:3, Lk 6:15
Son of Alphaeus (Clopas in Greek) and Son of Mary (Jesus’Aunt)
62 AD
C) James the Apostle -
       Bishop of Jerusalem
Gal 1:18-19
Mk 6:3
‘ Brother’ of Jesus
62 AD
D) James the writer  of
     the Epistle of James
James 1:1
“a slave of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ”

 - All authorities agree that (A) is not the same person as (B), (C) or (D).
 - Catholic analysis holds that (B) and (C) are the same person.
              Mk 6 and Mk 15 tend to suport this.
 - Protestant analysis hold that (B) and (C) not the same person
              based on the word 'brother' in Gal 6.
 - Both Catholic and Protestant authorities seem to favor (C) and (D) being the same person.
              No biblical citations found that point to this, however.