Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Families Coping With War

We here in the US can avoid thinking about family life in Iraq where getting to school, work or shopping are fraught with danger. How would we cope with our kids missing two to three years of school or being out of work, or figuring out when and where it is safe to get groceries?

Iraqis with marketable skills in a peacful society seem to be leaving in droves! When schools, courts and businesses are again possible there will be a serious shortages in professionals to make them work. How would we cope with such a life? Do we realize how critical the need for stable family life is to peace in Iraq?

One aspect of war that we do have a better handle on is the effects on our families of having men and women away and serving in the war zone. My son is stationed in Iraq and his family is coping with his absense as best they can. I suspect they are doing better than average at getting through this time. The Catholic News Service (CNS) posted a news feature about how his family is coping. One version of that feature was printed in the Madison Wis. Catholic Paper. It is no longer available on the Internet but the link below is a summary of the article.

Family Coping Article

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