Monday, July 21, 2008

Family Traditions

Twenty eight years ago my parents began a family tradition of a biannual family renion. While both of my parents have gone to their eternal home the tradition continues. This week over sixty descendants of Jack and Clarissa with their spouses have gathered for this wonderful celebration of family and God's love.

We number the generations from Jack and Clarissa. This year the bulk of the dozens of children present are of generation four. They are testimony of God's creative drive in this family. Arrival day was highlighted by news of conceptions, births and adoptions and news of the progress of the generations through life.

An awesome pro family experience occurred on banquest night as each generation-two branch took to the stage and beginning with the oldest introduced the next younger member describing their virtues and talents. Special reports were provided about missing branches and members not present due to distance,age and health.

In the background was also an appreciation of the rapidly departing generation one siblings of Jack and Clarissa. My sister writes a blog about My Uncle Sylvan who died in WWII and her latest posting include the letters of his brothers to their mom grieving his death. To read these moving testimonies of familial love click here.

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