Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Joy of Four Seasons - Winter Meditation

At this time of year we are always asked why we chose to move to Minnesota after retirement. The answer is really simple. We love having four seasons.
Of course its the cold or the snow that people fear but with the right cold weather gear it is great. The top picture on the left shows me with in my down storm parka with the extremely attractive hat I received from a relative who fears for my survival. Note the confident look on my face. With this gear I could handle any winter.
I have labeled this photo "Theoretical".


During the past ten days the temperature has warmed every day during daylight hour to about -5 degrees (below zero).

On the day the bottom photo was taken we got up to a 13 degrees above zero. Of course what happens when it gets this balmy is snow! Now we need equipment as well as gear. Snow shovels and snow blowers are critical.

I have labeled this photo "Actual".


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