Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love thy enemy - A medical Calling

I was privileged to attend my son's promotion ceremony last week. He serves in the U S Army Medical Corp and was promoted to full Colonel effective January 1, 2009. The ceremony marking the accomplishment took place last week. I was asked to give the invocation.

"Let us pray. Lord, we are gathered here today with many called to service in the military. Service is indeed their calling, service to their country and service to their fellow citizens. Those in the Medical Corp are called to a special service to the health and well being of others, even enemies.

Lord, we ask your blessing on them, their families, friend and associates. We ask your special grace for our honoree that he may serve well in his new rank and leadership responsibilities.

He thanks you for being with him on his journey. We ask you to be with us today. Amen"

The mention of service to enemy is quite apropos since the hospital he served with in Iraq was dedicated to the care of Iraqi detainees. I was very proud to hear testimony from superiors and peers of his dedication and commitment to the care of these patients. Another superior described him as a "Godly man."

His Mother, wife and Children were honored to place the eagle insignia denoting his new rank on his shoulders. Well, done son.

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