Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook Memo

Welcome a guest blogger - My sister's thoughts on Face Book
Dear Friends:

I guess I am a "Oldster" that likes to facebook...I try to keep a open mind with what my young friends put on their walls and I hope they respect me enough to enjoy the hokey oldster stuff I put on mine!! I love the way it helps me stay in touch with all the young and old people I know!!

The only time I respond to someones status is to have some fun with it. I try to keep religion and politics (I do have a profile photo of a Santa for President Santa statue..but know one knows what party the Santa is from) out of my status as I don't want my face book to be a site of conflict but more of friendship with people from all walks of life.

Some people say they don't have time to facebook but I think it saves me time. It keeps me in touch with a lot of friends and family with out taking too much of their or my time. I also keep my friendship list small and managable. I also love being able to share my newest photos with very little effort. Better than having them sit down in millions of albums that no one ever looks at and I don't have to bore people with my photos when I see them. This way the can enjoy them at their leisure.

Well its been fun facebooking with all of you and until I think it is not enjoyable i will keep on doing it. Beats watching some of the 4th grade level t.v. programs that they try to feed us every night of the week.. Happy Facebooking!!


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