Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flood Season - Muscle and Prayers Needed

A few day ago this blog was celebrating a Springtime blizzard but now the threatening part of Spring is upon us, a record setting flood is underway on the Red River of the North. The video below is a personal journal of one person's helping sandbag in her parents neighborhood in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Out here in lakes country we are also impacted. Bus loads of high school kids and caravans of volunteers have been heading west all week to help in the emergency. Today evacuees from nursing homes and senior residences started arriving in our area. Every hour news of another evacuation order for a small town or neighborhood is issued.

It was just announced that the expected crest will be two feet higher than previously predicted. The water level on the Red at Fargo is already almost at the level of 1997 which was the last record setting flood. The existing flood protection had been built up with sandbags to 41 feet. Now the volunteers and National Guard workers need to add two more feet with more sand bags!

If you can help go to the Moorhead or Fargo web sites to find how to sign up to help. If you are afar off or cannot physically help please add your prayers to the effort.

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