Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Lament

On a Saturday following Easter in 1960 Nancy and I were married in Fargo North Dakota. Since we were of mixed denomination we administered the Sacrament to each other in the basement chapel of the church. For this reason and perhaps an objection to our age (I was 20 and Nancy was 18) her father did not give her away. The reception was at her home.

Following the party we left Fargo before sundown and headed towards the Twin Cities where I was scheduled to begin a new job the following week. By the following Easter we were parents and active members of the choir at the Cathedral of St Paul were we learned and sang Gregorian Chant from the high choir loft of that magnificent Church. Nancy joined the church during following year and I sometimes speculate that it was the Gregorian Chant that convinced her that a musician could be at home here.

Today Christians pause to remember what an awesome thing our God has done for us by stretching out his arms on the wood of the cross. Today, the day of His death and tomorrow the day he lay in the tomb, we Catholics do not celebrate Mass. We do gather at the church and read from the Gospel of John the account of his passion and death. We honor in a special way his cross that became the symbol of our freedom from guilt and death.

As we recall that day we truly tremble at the memory. Here, from 1960, is Johnny Cash and Family with a Good Friday call to remember.

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