Friday, June 05, 2009

Celebrating The Holy Spirit

I discovered a beautiful little essay about the Holy Spirit on a blog called "Peace Garden Mama". Here is her introduction ending with a question. To view her entire posting click here. Yes, the "Peace Garden" part of the title refers to North Dakota. The author is a writer, her work sometimes appears in the Fargo Forum.

"Today, we celebrated Pentecost. It's a time of being especially attentive to the ways the Holy Spirit enters our hearts and interacts with us. It's a time to be watchful for the ways grace comes, to be ready for the signs so we can accept the gift when it is presented to us.

I have heard so many in my life express confusion over the Holy Spirit's role and reality. God and Jesus seem reachable, but what about the elusive Holy Spirit that flits in and out of our lives? How do we make sense of something that comes to us mainly through whispers?"

Read her entire posting.

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