Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Experiencing Signs of the Mystical Body

Jennifer in her Blog "Conversion Diary" tells of an experience she had recently involving an orphan from South America who has come to spend some time with an American family. Maria, a social worker, had accompanied Rita on her trip to the US. Here is a brief quote from their first conversation with their hostess.

"Then Maria started to say something, hesitating to make sure she chose the right words. "I hate to trouble you," she said apologetically, "but it's very important that Rita and I go to Mass on Sunday."

When I told her that we are Catholic too, everything changed.

In one moment we went from having nothing in common to having everything in common."

Following Mass the first Sunday of Rita's visit Jennifer had these thoughts on what they had in common.

"I've read stacks and stacks of books with high-minded treatises on Catholicism and the Church as the mystical Body of Christ, but it wasn't until that moment that I really got just what a gift Jesus gave us when he established a Church. I got it because, seeing Rita at Mass that day, I saw what a gift it was for her. "

Read Jennifer's Entire Posting on her blog.

Living, as I do, in a location where the population may well double during the summer vacation season her insight gives me cause to appreciate all those strangers at Mass each Sunday in the same light. Thank you, Jennifer, for your clear vision.

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