Friday, October 02, 2009

Today (October 2, 2009) Pope Benedict XVI welcomed Minnesotan Miguel Diaz as the new Ambassador from the U.S. to the Vatican. Diaz met with the Pope to present his credentials as he took up his new office in Rome. The Pope and the Ambassador exchanged written greetings. Here is a section of the Pope's comments to the new Ambassador.

"In the course of my Pastoral Visit to your country last year I was pleased to encounter a vibrant democracy, committed to the service of the common good and shaped by a vision of equality and equal opportunity based on the God-given dignity and freedom of each human being. That vision, enshrined in the nation's founding documents, continues to inspire the growth of the United States as a cohesive yet pluralistic society constantly enriched by the gifts brought by new generations, including the many immigrants who continue to enhance and rejuvenate American society. In recent months, the reaffirmation of this dialectic of tradition and originality, unity and diversity has recaptured the imagination of the world, many of whose peoples look to the American experience and its founding vision in their own search for viable models of accountable democracy and sound development in an increasingly interdependent and global society."

Obviously the "reaffirmation" of our American ideals that "recaptured the imagination of the world" refers to the election of Barack Obama.

Read the entire greeting from the Pope which includes addition emphasis on our concern for the human dignity of all from conception to natural death and the protection of conscience of healthcare workers.

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