Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Child is This

The second day of Christmas dawns and the snow has stopped falling here in western Minnesota. Today we Catholics take note of the Deacon Stephen who became the first Christian Martyr due to his enthusasim for the Good News we celebrate this holy season. Many of the songs we love during this season ponder the child whose coming has so changed our lives. Jennifer, who writes about her journey from Athiesm to Christianity in her blog, ponders one of those songs.

"What child is this?

When I thought of the implications of the answer, I was stunned to see that it was not only the most important question I could be asking right now, but the most important question I could ever ask. I came to see that if this child was who the Christians said he was, the question of his identity was the only question that really matters.

And even though I've now found the answer, the song haunts me still, because the question it states leaves another one unspoken:

Am I living like I really believe the answer?

Read all of Jennifer's posting.

Here is one of my favorites, a portion of which I recorded last year, my daughter and wife singing before Midnight Mass.

Now that our 12 day Christmas Sabath has begun may your enthusiasm for the Good News match that of Deacon Stephen.

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