Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Springtime on the Red

Roxane Salonen writes of the early arrival of flooding on the Red River of the North. A couple of weeks of warm weather have melted the huge piles of snow here in lakes country but all that snow transforms into water that finds it way into the Red. Her essay reflects the trials of last year and the resolve to face Noah's trial again.

"And so we find ourselves here again, earlier than anticipated, on the edge of something troubling. We have a growing-by-the-hour awareness that the river is hungry and seems intent on swallowing us whole. Time is not on our side – predictions changed too quickly. We are at the wild whim of Mother Nature.

So in the context of this, what does surrender mean? Certainly, it doesn’t mean we sit back and wait it out. It means we stay attentive to the news, make plans, roll up our sleeves, prepare our children for what could happen and assure them of our presence and protection."

Roxane's Blog is "Peace Garden Mama". Read the rest of her posting.

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