Monday, March 22, 2010

Thoughts on a Political Hero

Bart Stupak is a true Pro Life Hero. Finally a pro life politician that actually engages in the battle and actually gets something done.

Is it what I wanted? No, I wanted the Stupak Amendment which would have assured the broadest support and input to solving the health care scandal in our country. While the House gave Bart's amendment extensive and bipartisan approve the Senate refused and the substitute Nelson Amendment left numerous loopholes. The nay sayers began to urge Bart to retreat to their position of do-nothing.

But Bart did not retreat and did get additional abortion funding restrictions when the nay sayers were clearly satisfied to let the reform go through without their participation. Did he get what he wanted? No, but he got more than most commentators expected.

I don't know if he is a saint but he surely showed us how to follow Christ, even to the cross. He and his family have been harassed and cursed by the anti-life crowd. After others had given up he did not and got more than expected and then someone mocks him from the crowd, "Baby killer" (yes there is an echo, "Crucify Him").

If we Pro Life Americans crucify Bart Stupak we will have missed the opportunity to get many more pro life politicians that actually do something. If Bart is condemned he will be replaced by a pro abortion congressman and thousands of potential pro life candidates on the right and the left will be discouraged from running at the prospect of being crucified by the very people they felt called to serve. If we hold him up and bless him we will be also be blessed with many more like him who put their live at the service of their bothers and sisters and life. The next generation is way more pro life than mine or yours and they need to see Bart Stupak held as proof that politics and politicians can actually serve the common good.

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