Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dawn Eden Update

One of my favorite bloggers and and a fellow student at a Theology of the Body intro course several years ago has been on vacation from the blogosphere for many months while attending graduate school in theology. She is the author of the outstanding book, "The Thrill of The Chaste" which has become popular around the world in several languages.

Last week her dormant blog address came alive with a brief status report on her academic progress. Here is part of her news:

"Although I'm still officially on hiatus from blogging, I would like to thank those of you who still check on this page and who pray for me, and let you know how my graduate studies are going.

I am overjoyed to report that not only am I set to graduate Dominican House of Studies, with an M.A. in theology in May, but I will also be entering the moral theology PhD program at the Catholic University of America in the fall.

It is hard to describe how it feels to have gone from being a rock journalist whose crowning achievements included conducting the last interview with Harry Nilsson, to being a graduate student in theology whose crowning achievements include a 70-page thesis titled "Towards a Climate of Chastity: Bringing Catechesis on the Theology of the Body into the Hermeneutic of Continuity."

When I was younger, lacking faith and suffering from depression, life seemed to progress painfully slowly. Now that I am over 40 and have survived cancer, it goes by so quickly that I can hardly catch my breath. When I do pause to think about all the things God has done in my life, what strikes me is how He has loved me through other people."

Read the rest of her posting here.

Her life story is indeed a testimony to God's grace filled calling of all of us to love as he loved. She is a graduate of RCIA and her story is how I sometimes illustrate God's gift giving ways to my RCIA classes. Dawn, may the lord be with you on the next leg of your journey.

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