Wednesday, January 26, 2011

March For Life 2011

Citizens taking to the streets seeking the protection of human rights by their government gets a lot of attention in our media if it is in Tunesia or Egypt but not if it is in our own country! In the last week such citizen activism did occur in Tunsia, Egypt and the United States. If you watched mainstream media, however, you might not even be aware of this huge human rights gathering by citizens of the United States.

A bright spot, if you had the time, was the extensive coverage of the 2011 March for Life provided on EWTN. This posting provides a number of links to pictures from this year's effort.

March for Life Pictures:
Washington  DC-

West Coast-

One striking reality is the size of the youth contingent of the prolife activists. Another is the dramatic testimony of women and men who have regreted their involvement in abortion. The journey from being pro abortion to supporting the human right to life of all humans is described in many ways. Here a few links and videos about some of these journeys:




Ann Marie Cosgrove had an abortion in 1985 when she was young, poor and felt she had nowhere to turn. To ease her pain, Cosgrove founded the Minnesota chapter of Silent No More, a pro-life group dedicated to consoling women who have aborted and encouraging women to make what she considers the only right choice, to keep the baby.

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