Friday, February 11, 2011

A Treasure Worth Writting About

Recently Jennifer, the author of the Blog "Conversion Diary" asked  her readers around the world to respond to a series of questions about the social climate in their country concerning religious faith and its practice. The responses were numerous and if you have the time (2+ hours) you might want to read them yourself. I was planning a write a reaction to what was reported from all over the world but one of my favorite local bloggers, Roxane Salonen, posted an excellent reaction on her blog today that I wish to recommend.

She begins by giving an introduction of her own young Christian mother's  journey, a sort of into to a Christian Life in Upper Midwest, USA. Here are a few sentences from this introduction:

"I've had a lot of chances recently to reflect on how blessed I've been in my faith walk. I grew up in a home with a father who respected (though didn't always practice) the faith of his origins and a mother who covered herself daily with faith like one does a favorite sweater on a chilly day. It was always within reach, routinely relied upon and rarely questioned.

Eventually, I had to find my own way, and though I wandered around a while, in time I was surprised to find myself wandering back "home" to the Faith in which I'd begun my life. As an adult, my Catholic faith is a treasure like nothing else -- something that feeds me, keeps me grounded, holds me up when I'm about to tip over. It keeps me moving forward on a daily basis and fills me, through grace, with joy and hope."

Her brief description of a joyful religious life in America provides the background from which she reacts to those reported from around the world by Jennifer's readers.

You can read her entire essay by clicking here. Those of you in Western Minnesota and Eastern North and South Dakota may recognize her as a frequent columnist in the Fargo Forum, various church newspaper and on Catholic Radio, WVXR.

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