Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reaching Out to The Other Side of the Abortion Issue

I am unable to blog often in the Summer time so this posting will appear  as a continuation of my last post several weeks ago. In that post I recommended several female authors and leaders whose writings and spoken resources can facilitate more productive dialog between pro-life and pro-choice persons of any sex. After that posting Abby Johnson, one of my recommended authors, came to a nearby city. 

I realized that I would be in that city that evening briefly to pickup a favorite granson at the airport. I explained to my wife that if the airline was significantly late, as is often the case, I would run over to the public appearance of Abby and hear some of her remarks before getting back to the airport. Maybe I could even meet her!

Like most of my life the HS is in charge and the duties of Grandfather are significant and beloved by me even though I understand that I overdo it a little. Thus an on-time airline, an air weary and hunger young man along with an also hungry 'PopPop' went to Red Lobster before hitting the road to Grandma's house.

I soon became aware that a favorite blogger did make the meeting and did meet the author.  Her experience confirms dramatically what I recommended in my last posting. The local author is Roxane Salonen and her Friday post demonstrates the point also.

"About a month ago, I interviewed on our local Catholic radio station the woman -- Elizabeth McClung -- who helped effect the conversion of former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson to the side of life. When I listened to the podcast of that interview a few weeks later, I was jarred to hear myself telling Elizabeth that praying for life publicly "isn't for everyone." I was speaking about myself.

But then Abby came to Fargo and I had a chance to hear her story in person, both from her mouth and through her bestselling book, Unplanned. When I realized Elizabeth's prayers and the flowers and card she had offered Abby two years before her conversion had made a difference, despite many days, weeks and months of it all seeming futile, things changed inside of me. When Abby challenged us to not forget about what she'd shared, and insisted the women seeking abortions needed to hear our voices, I could no longer ignore the still, small voice within me."

To read the rest of her essay click here.

Her personal blog Peace Garden Mama, here business blog is Peace Garden Writer, she also writes for She also has a show on our local Catholic radio Station. She is the author of Children's books and her essays appear regularly in our local daily newspaper.

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