Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newt's Immigration Stand

Since only the Republicans have a contest for president this year it has been easy to generate somewhat negative criticisms of their discussions. Today I would like to praise Newt Gingrich for his position on immigration reform.  He is right to point out how anti-family much right wing rhetoric on the topic tends to be. Earlier Gov Perry took similar flack for his support of education for the children of illegal immigrants.

Both legal and illegal immigrants come to the US due to jobs and our culture's general support of families and education. A significant part of the illegal immigrant numbers are family members of legal immigrants. For example a legal guest worker may bring his elderly parents to live with him. While he is legal his parents are illegal. would the Republicans insist that the seniors be deported?

One Pastor I know adopted two children while in a foreign country as a missionary. When he returned to the US one of the his children was 15 and a thus  legal immigrant whereas his 19 year old child was illegal due to age.  Should his oldest be deported? 

If middle of the road citizens could construct a composite Republican candidate from reasonable positions from the various candidates in the huge field now debating their way to the primaries we might have a real contender in the general election.

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