Monday, February 06, 2012

Religious Freedom - Not A partisan Issue

Tomorrow is caucus night in Minnesota. We usually see DFL (Democratic), Republican and 'Independent' caucuses here. For several days I have been speaking to and emailing groups about the importance of being involved in the political process. In my party we most likely will hear arguments that say nobody really cares about religious freedom. In the other major party they will likely  be told not to worry about this issue because they are going to win. Independents, as usual are seeking some sense of where to throw their votes or whether to throw their own candidate into the void. (They have been successful in the latter choice in Minnesota)

Among my friends and relatives are persons of all political persuasions and many different religious views but all of them value the religious freedom aspect of our US culture and government (yes it also protects the rights of atheists). We must not let this issue be thrown into the strange intractable polarization that our political process has become over the last decade. Thus I am asking that my fellow Americans act to be sure that all political organizations act to protect this first of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution from being be put into that context.

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