Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Family Dynamics Explained

I grew up in a large family and still revel in its memory. Now a new generation is discovering the benefits of that form of social media. Here is Jennifer Fulwiler, a modern woman, reviewing her introduction to Big Family Dynamics.

"I’m an only child. My husband is an only child. My dad is an only child. I grew up around small families: I can’t recall a single friend who had more than two siblings living at home, and none of my close friends ever had a baby in the house during the time I knew them. So the fact that I now have five children ages seven and under sometimes makes me feel like I’m living in a bizarre dream world. If you had told me ten years ago that this is where my life would be in 2012, after I regained consciousness I would have tried to imagine what the average day would look like. And I would have been mostly wrong. In some ways big family life is harder than I would have guessed; in other ways it’s easier. Overall, it’s simply…not what I would have imagined."

Her article is entitled "7 Surprising Things About Having a Big Family "

Read her entire posting  here.

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