Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Focusing The Marriage Conversation

I recently published a non-religious analysis of the marriage issue. In two wordy postings,  I examined the question, "Just what is the government's interest in marriage that justifies it's regulation by the state and should that regulation be expanded to include personal relationships other than the traditional definition of marriage?
The other day my fellow blogger and journalist, Roxann Solanen, began her post as follows.
"The other day on the way to school, one of my daughters came up with what we in journalism call a bombshell question.

"So, Mom, what do you think about gay marriage?"

We were about a block from the drop-off point when the question came forth; not nearly enough time for a thoughtful response to such a multi-layered topic. But her question prodded me to dig deeper to find a satisfactory answer. After all, I realized at that moment that this is no longer an issue I can just toss about and let fall where it might. Seems my children are invested in the answer now, too.

And, as it turns out, in more ways than one might realize at the outset. In order to answer my daughter's question to satisfaction, I realized I needed to go back, to begin from a simpler, less explosive starting point."
Her skills as a researcher and a writer yield a far shorter analysis of the issue as she shares her answer to her daughter's question. I recommend you read her essay.
My postings on the issue are (click to view):

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