Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where Have All The Children Gone?

What happens to a culture if there are no children? Consider Western Europe or Japan. I am sure the 'politically correct' will retort that there is no proof that their problems are due to those cultures largely turning their backs on (traditional) marriage and/or, marriage's natural result, children. The numbers don't lie, however. As a mathematician I can show that a culture, a community or a family without children will not survive beyond the current generation.

Sadly, in my seventy plus years, I have seen these numbers play out in micro cultures of many kinds. Churches with no children will soon be closing. Rural towns that have no children become ghost towns. Family farms with no children will be sold to strangers as this generation ends. Another way that our culture's need for children is thwarted is symbolized by the abortion industry in our country marketing abortions as a 'better' option than adoption.

I guess I sound quite pessimistic and some days the news of the day is very depressing. Fortunately every Sunday our church is noisy with children and every week I run into folks about town who are definitely not part of the problem. We live in a rural community yet within a few miles of our home I know two families that care for and adopt abandoned and handicap children in addition to children of their own. Here is a short video about just such a family, the Dennehys.

This video was posted on the web site 'I Like Giving' which can be visited by clicking here.


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