Monday, November 11, 2013

Local Secular Press highlights the work of a Potential Saint

In the late 1950s my wife (girl friend at the time) and I met and briefly talked with Dorothy Day when she spoke at North Dakota State University where we were students. The Catholic Worker Newspaper, that she published, was always available in the college library. Now she is being proposed as a saint of the Catholic Church.

We were pleasantly surprised to see an article about about Dorothy, her life and our local Catholic Worker House Ministry in our regional secular newspaper. Here is a snippet and a picture:
Dorothy Day 1934

"Born on Nov. 8, 1897, Day grew up in Chicago and started the Catholic Worker movement with a French peasant, Peter Maurin, in 1933, the year her first homeless shelter opened in New York City. She peacefully picketed on behalf of the poor and was arrested several times for civil disobedience, including at age 80 just three years before her death.
Now, her life is being reviewed by the Vatican for possible canonization to sainthood."

 The article appeared in the November 9th issue of the Fargo Forum and is written by fellow blogger and author, Roxane Salonen. You can also read her article on her blog, Peace Garden Mama" by clicking here.

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