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North Dakota Catholic Writer Coauthors Ramona Trevino's Memoir

North Dakota Catholic Writer Coauthors Ramona Trevino's Memoir
Book Reviews by The Lake - 2016.5

Redeemed By Grace
 By Roxane Salonen and Ramona Treviño  

Redimida por la gracia
By Roxane Salonen  and Ramona Treviño

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Ramona Trevino was a Catholic woman working for Planned Parenthood as the manager of a feeder clinic which did not perform abortions but sent women to nearby Planned Parenthood clinics that did do abortions. She had taken the job convinced that she would be helping other women at difficult times in their lives.

Her clinic generated revenue by charging for a small set of services and by selling contraceptives. They charged $25 to perform a basic pregnancy test. When a client was too poor to pay this fee she would send the girl to the nearby Pregnancy Care Center which did the test for free. One day an administrator discover the name of the Pregnancy Care Center in the clinic rolodex and showing it to Ramona said, "We need to get rid of this. We don't really refer people here." This and many other experiences convinced Ramona that Planned Parenthood's priorities were to market contraception and abortion while helping women resolve their underlying problems was talked about but not encouraged. Meanwhile the 40 Days For Life prayer group began praying outside her clinic.

She became aware that they were praying for her and her staff. This and a growing realization that she was not helping women solve their real problems led her to take steps to leave Planned Parenthood. This memoir is the story of that journey. Not being a writer she sought help in writing her book. She enlisted Roxane Salonen, a journalist and author, who had the writing and story telling skills to help. Roxane, of Fargo, ND, is familiar to many in our area as her feature stories appear weekly in the Fargo Forum, our regional daily newspaper.

The book is available in both English (Kindle and Hardcover) and Spanish (Paperback).  Click on the links below to order this book in English or Spanish.

Redeemed by Grace  (English)                            Redimida por la gracia (Español)

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