Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rules for Comments - 1.0

View From The Lake - Comment Rules - 1.0

Please take note of these rules:

Comments on this Blog are moderated.
Since I do not comment on anyone's blog without signing my name that will be the rule here.

(1) Only signed comments will be published.

(2) You must include your Email Address in your sumission (since spam is a major concern to all of us I will supress it's publication at your request.) This requirement is the only way I can confirm that you are who you say you are.

(3) Profane and obscene language and ad- hominem (if you don't know - look it up) comments will not be published and most likely not even read by the editor.

(4) Since the editor is not paid there is no guarentee of timely moderation or email response if requested.

(5) Occasionally the author of this blog might join in the comment discussion himself. He thanks participants in advance for their adherance to these rules.