Thursday, September 08, 2011

Strange Republican Claims Concerning Domestic Oil

Tonight's Republican 'Debate' sounded a strange note concerning domestic oil production. Several participants made remarks about President Obama opposing domestic oil production. Living next door to my home state of North Dakota where oil production has risen 151% during Mr Obama's tenure these claims seem to be false. So here are the facts:

Domestic Oil production during 2000-2007 (President Bush) period decreased 14%
          (1848450000 barrels / 2146732000 barrels = 86% )

Domestic Oil production during 2008-2010 (President Obama) period increased 8%
          (1998137000 barrels / 1848450000 barrels = 108%)

During the Obama administration North Dakota oil production rose 151% and Texas oil production rose by 8%.  Interestingly the July 2011 unemployment stats found North Dakota the lowest in the country (3.3%) with Texas in 27th place (8.4%). My current state (Minnesota) is at 7.2%. Compared to the 'Bush years' the current administration should be applauded for this measurable move towards energy independence.

Listening to these politicians one gets the impression that we are totally dependent upon evil foreign powers for our crude oil. Here are a few facts that are more realistic.
             38% of our crude oil come from domestic (US) production
             13% of our crude oil comes from Canada
             33% of our crude oil comes from OPEC countries (includes friends and enemies)
             16% of our crude oil comes from others (includes friends and enemies)

Interesting,  51% of our crude oil comes from North America.


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Rick Hilber said...

Joe. You are such a Democrat. Trying to confuse us with the facts, again. Love it. Keep going. Rick