Sunday, February 24, 2013

Evidence of Light at the end of the Tunnel

Tom Hoopes, writer in Residence at Benedictine College St. Joseph, Missouri, in an essay on NCR's web site has a very hopeful analysis of the current state of the life issue. Here is a brief quote. Read the entire posting at the link below.
'... it’s true: Becoming pro-life is transformative. You have probably seen it in others, and you may even have seen it in yourself.
People who become pro-life start to be hopeful about the potential of the good and wise about the ways of the world.
They become hopeful about the future: "Lives are worth bringing into the world." They become wise about the sexual revolution: "Promiscuity hurts women and children — and men, too."
They become compassionate: "We should help women, not corner them into abortion." They see through the world’s easy answers: "They are willing to kill for a lifestyle."
They embrace science: "I don’t have to pretend that’s not a human being anymore." They become savvy about the abortion industry and its politicians: "They know what it is, but they do it for money."
They see the importance of marriage and responsibility: "We owe it to children to tame and direct our passions." They wake up about the mainstream media: "They are not telling people the truth; they are just serving an agenda." '

Read The entire essay here.

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