Monday, April 08, 2013

Beloved Blogger Declaration

Today I declare and announce that a fellow blogger shall be known henceforth as the “Beloved Blogger”. After reading her recent painfully honest journal description of her dark night, I had a vision of there being a fourth woman at the cross on Calvary that day.
 There was Mary His mother, Mary His aunt, Mary His friend and a beloved blogger.  I know that He asked his male friend to care for His mother but in my vision he also ask his mother to embrace the blogger who is also a mother.  I read that he told the good thief that he would be with him in paradise but now I hear him saying to the blogger, ‘’ your daughter is already with me in paradise.”
To read the Beloved Blogger's posting referred to above click here.

I also claim her poem "Will The Light Return" as support for  this declaration. Click here to read her poem. To access all her postings click here.

I pray that Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Grace, your daughter, join with Him in embracing you through this long-long night.

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