Thursday, July 23, 2009

Abortion Funding Under Cover of Healthcare

There is much discussion in our media of health care reform. It is every where. It on TV,newspapers, the Internet and in our day to day conversations. Just this past weekend at a family gathering health care discussions were heard from time to time, some heated.

This evening I listened in on part of a huge Internet Pro Life meeting that featured speakers from a great diversity of organizations. Religious, non religious, men, women, liberals, conservatives were all heard expressing their concern that the human rights of the unborn will be further violated if abortion is mandated in the health care reform being considered in congress.

Recently in a meeting with Catholic Media Mr Obama said that he had more or less put the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) on the back burner. However, if abortion were to become a mandated benefit under national health care reform a major portion of FOCA would be accomplished.

Despite the opposition of a majority of Americans to abortion and even larger opposition to forced funding of abortions by those who oppose such human rights violations (see my earlier postings about polls concerning abortion) many in Congress appear willing to do just that. We would be forced to do this through taxes for government plans (existing and proposed) and through premiums for open market insurance plans.

We need to urge our Representatives and Senators to keep abortion out of health care.

An action plan to help keep FOCA out of health care can be found here. Its first suggestion can and should be implemented by all, PRAY. Then get to your representative and Senators about your concern using your preferred means (mail, phone, Email).

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