Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Special Plea To Senators Grassley & Issacson

I was pleased to hear President Obama single out Senator Grassley of Iowa as an example of a conservative who is serious about health care reform. I was pleased because the Senator and I are both Pro-Life even though we are of opposite political party it is important that pro-life voices remain involved in this effort as the Human rights stakes are too-too high.

As of now, however, I am convinced he has given up the pro-life effort in this matter. On several channels this evening Senator Grassley was seen and heard lying to my generation (I am 70) about a element of one of the health care bills being considered (there are many). The wording of the provision, I understand was a verbatim match with a provision of an earlier bill sponsored by several Republican Senators, including Senator Issacson of Georgia, that provide that consultations about end of life care with your doctor, Hospice (usually a Charity), your lawyer might be paid by your insurance.

Now, Senator Issacson, is also Pro-life and was also named by the President as a Conservative who was serious about health care. While the Senator from Iowa is of special interest as a neighbor and I was careful to hear him in his own words.I understand, again from reports on more than one channel, that Senator Issacson has also removed himself from the healthcare discussion.

Having sat in on these kinds of consultations with several relatives they do not relate at all to the lies we are now hearing. This is bad news indeed. We need these pro-life voices in the discussion! We will get healthcare reform with human rights and conscience protections or without them. I urge both of them to return to the table and certainly stop lying to us Seniors and playing on our fears. The stakes are too high. Tell the anti life forces to get off your backs and let you do your jobs.

Senators, please turn your backs on the anti life forces that have convinced you (perhaps through economic pressure?) to compromise your human rights ideals and and honesty with us seniors.

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