Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Love - Best Learned in the Family

My wife and I had a very enjoyable Holiday with two of our three adult children visiting for several days. Our youngest daughter came alone for several days before Thanksgiving and our son and his family, minus their oldest who is in basic training in the Army, over the holiday. Love provides great consolation in physical presence and the touch of the beloved.

Roxane Salonen, one of my favorite Bloggers, wrote recently about this and her still at home children. Here is a brief section of her posting.

'I'm not sure what's gotten into my middle son, 7, but lately, he's been extra affectionate toward me. Trust me, I am not taking this for granted.

"I love you second," he said to me today, after telling me for about the eleventh time that he loves me. He'd searched me out, found me napping in a quiet spot on a futon, and proceeded to snuggle in close. I was all too happy to have him near.

"Who's first on your list?" I asked.

"God," he said, "then you, then Dad."

Can't beat that, I guess, but I know that it won't always be this way. I know how it is with kids. They go in phases. Sometimes, they seek affection primarily from their mothers. Other times, it's the dads who get the most attention.

But right now, my guy is in a Mom phase, just cause, apparently. And I am absorbing all of the hugs and words of affection with the utmost gratitude. Someday, he'll be more likely to walk away than toward me. Someday, he will not seek out my mommy arms to comfort him. Someday, that will all be the stuff of the past. I know this. And knowing it makes me savor these moments when he approaches me with outstretched arms, or says, unprompted, "I love you, Mom," several times a day. Oh, I am eating this up alright. It is pure gift.'

Read Roxane's entire posting.

Thank you Jean, David, Natalie, Morgan, Dylan and Madison for making your love touchable and may our virtual hugs reach out to Kathy, Charlie, Hayley, Kelsey, Meghan, Brian, Tony, Patrick and Melissa who are far away physically but are right here in our hearts. Thanks Roxane for reminding us of those days when our children were in our arms as well as in our hearts.

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