Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"The Media" confirms Newt's Error

I just opened today's issue of the "FARGO FORUM", North Dakota's major daily. A huge headline introduces an article about that state's growing contribution to our domestic oil production. That growth is not without problems and concerns as well as opportunities. Unemployment is practically non existent in the state and workers are being imported by the droves by the industry.

This huge influx of workers has become a major challenge to housing and roads in the 'oil patch'. Not far behind is schools and law enforcement. 'Fracking" technology has everyone on edge but  but the families of the workers greatly appreciate the good pay and complain about the long hours involved in the industry.

Some one should shove this headline under Newt's chin and see if he can't come around to his senses on how to honestly take a position on this important issue. I know some are saying, "well what do do you expect him to say?"

I would be very impressed if he said something like:
"I know that President Obama has turned around the domestic energy loss but I think that I can do even better!"

IF he had done this I wouldn't be asking why he lied about about such easily verifiable facts but would be asking, instead,  how he planned to do better.

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