Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Newt steps in it again!

No sooner do I express some appreciation for Newt Gingrich's chutzpah and he turns around and makes an embarrassing claim that is exactly the opposite of the facts that can be easily determined. Tonight, in his post primary remarks, he said if he was elected president that he would end President Obama's policy of reducing America's domestic energy production. and begin to grow it.

Last week I drove 1500 miles from New Jersey to Minnesota. Signs of new wind and solar power projects were obvious in every state I drove through. Last fall I addressed the issue of domestic oil production which has grown by 8% under three years of President Obama while it had fallen 14% under eight years of President Bush. In my home state of North Dakota  alone, oil production has risen 151% during the Obama years.

Read my research finding on domestic oil production here.

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