Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Newt Bucks Republican Tradition Again

Watched most of the Republican Debate on Saturday and was again impressed by Newt Gringrich's willingness to buck the Republicans' habit of pandering to the media and the media's perception of the electorate. Here is a YouTube of Newt's injection into the debate. It was an injection since neither the moderators (from main stream media) nor the other candidates brought up the question of religious freedom.

Now I have to admit that "the media", in my life, includes a lot of Catholic Press, TV as well as what is called 'alternative media' (blogs and special interest news sites). Newt is right on about "Main Stream" (Read 'big business') TV/CABLE in this case, however.. While it is a the republican talking point that 'Media' is liberal the fact is that Big Business media is anything but liberal because it serves is economic self interest before all other interests.

Maybe you noticed that the Tea Party and the Occupy movements say the same thing about about most politicians.

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