Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crisis Pregnancy Health Care in North Dakota

In the runuup to the 40th Anniversary of the Roe v Wade court ruling that made abortion legal in our country the national media broadcast many specials that largely depicted the abortion industry as the center of women's health. In one such feature the only abortion provider in North Dakota was featured. It is located in a city near by Minnesota Lakes country so I am familiar with its history.

The network focussed upon the abortion clinic staff, director and owners in its interviews. While the camera views did provide very brief shots of people praying outside the clinic, none of those prayers were interviewed. In addition the clinic characterized these praying women and men as terrorists and haters of woman. The manager of the clinic went on at length about how cruel it was that many North Dakota women had to drive hundreds of mile to obtain heathcare.

Last year Planned Parenthood was critical of one of its donors, that had provided funds so that the abortion provider could also provide mammigrams, when it dropped its funding. Since my wife and I had never heard of anyone getting a mammogram at Planned Parenthood I did a search of the websites of all Planned Parenthood offices in our three State Area and determined that none did mammograms. Click here to read my resulting posting. 
I was skeptical that the only pregnancy health care clinic in North Dakota was the abortion facility in Fargo so I searched for "√árisis Pregnancy Centers" in North Dakota.  There were fourteen located all over the state. Thus women with crisis pregnancies could find healthcare much closer to home than claimed by the media. Click here to see a map with these centers in North Dakota.
Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood, on its web site, implies that  Crisis Pregnancy Centers like these are not "legitimate" since they do not perform abortions.

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