Saturday, February 23, 2013

Babble Progress

Another step in moving our society's communications from ties to reality is underway.  In Maryland a legislator has proposed a state law that provides that a person's gender is whatever that individual chooses and not related to physical reality at all. Here is the intro to the Maryland Senate Bill 449 fact sheet found on the Maryland legislative web site.

" This bill prohibits discrimination based on “gender identity” in public accommodations,
labor and employment, and housing.  Discrimination based on “gender identity” is also
prohibited by persons licensed or regulated by a unit of the Department of Labor,
Licensing, and Regulation.   “Gender identity” is defined as  a gender-related identity,
appearance, expression, or behavior of an individual regardless of the individual’s
assigned sex at birth. "

It seems to say that a person's sex is arbitrarily 'assigned' at birth. Apparently to remedy this arbitrariness it proposes that in Maryland sexual identity (gender identity) is whatever a person's appearance, expressed preference or behavior indicates.
For the vast majority of persons one's sex can be objectively determined as a physical reality. In fact science has demonstrated that the sex of a person can be determined quite early in a pregnancy with current technology. These facts in no way deny the reality of those rare cases of physical ambiguity in physical sex identity nor the need for medical care and civil rights for such persons.
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