Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Charity Begins at Home

Thousands of non-profit and private charities function at the local level all over our country. If you get down about the world from watching the evening news or being concerned with the political gridlock described in newspapers and the blog-o-sphere I would like to suggest a remedy or at least a calming alternative.


One of our local families provides fun outings for disabled vets with a project they call "Fun For Disabled Vets". You can learn about their project or vets can sign up for the fun at:

Our local food shelf facility was recently renovated by a team of volunteers some of whom were caught in pictures. I was pleased to be able to create a video of this activity in honor of all those who participated Here is that video.

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Joseph Hilber said...

It should be noted that many more members of our community participated in the renovation project. Those appearing in the video were jusr those present when photos were taken. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED>