Thursday, July 25, 2013

When you Feel The Urge To Pray

A blogging acquaintance wrote an interesting peace on Thursday entitled ‘Pause for Prayer”. Here is a brief section:

“You know you grew up in a church if...
• you go to a baptism, a first communion, a confirmation
a wedding or a funeral -- and it feels like coming home...
• you drive by a church and find yourself thinking,
"Well, maybe this Sunday..."
• you read a post like this online and you pause,
and you remember and you pray...

I'm praying that some good memories are stirring in your heart
and that any difficult memories stirred up will be healed…”

To read his whole posting
click here. Austin Fleming’s Blog, ‘Concord Pastor‘, is a wealth of poetry, prayer and spirituality. You can see his on-going meditations here.

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