Friday, August 23, 2013

Growing Closer and Closer to Jesus

Here is a portion of a posting today by a blogger acquaintance that I am sure will move you. She refers to the importance of “adoration” in her life. On Sunday members of my parish will gather for an hour long adoration prior to Mass to pray for all members of our community. We walk with the blogger "Amazing Grace"  and many other on our journey to closeness with Jesus.
" ... , tomorrow I will mark the anniversary of my abortion by spending my day as God willed my life to be, as a wife and mother, as a daughter, sister, and friend.   Then, hopefully tomorrow evening I'll be able to go to adoration and sit with Him for a while. 
 Thank you, Grace, for leading me to all of these places along the way and meeting me there.  Thank you Jesus for the scars I bear from wounds that haven't killed me, but have made me stronger and brought me closer and closer to You. "
To read her entire posting click here.
Please join with us on Sunday Morning either in person or in prayer from 9-10am.

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