Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Lenten Reading Suggestion

Book Reviews By The Lake   -  2016.2

The start of Lent is just a week away and recommendations for Lenten reading might be in order. The first to come to mind is a little book by Mitch Finley:

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The Catholic Virtues
(Seven Pillars of a Good Life)

I recently reread this book in preparation for a Religious Education Class for high school students that I am writing called "The Language of Faith". The virtues are important themes covered in the course. The back-cover summary says this:

"Just as all organisms are governed by biological laws, human beings also have an ingrained moral compass - laws that direct their behavior in a certain way. According to Catholic Tradition, the virtues operate as central principles behind our notion of goodness."

He covers both the four Cardinal Virtues and the three Theological Virtues. In addition to defining each virtue and how it relates to the others he give biblical and current examples of their application. 
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