Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally Healthcare Reform?

It looks like we will see health care reform of some kind from Washington in a few weeks. Sadly we might have arrived at this point earlier if the supposed supporters of human rights had stuck to their values and not bargained them away for pork!

The classic case, of course, is Ben Nelson on Nebraska who accepted taxpayer funding of abortion in return for a special Medicare discount for the citizens of his state. As a result he is unlikely to be reelected and his constituents won't see their pork either. Had he and others continued to support the human rights position the Senate bill likely would have had the Stupak amendment included (prohibiting the use of taxes for abortion) and the Senate and House bills would have likely been reconciled with much less angst and markedly more public support (70% of American oppose the use of Taxes to fund abortion) including the Catholic Bishops.

The Stupak amendment is about prohibiting the use of taxes to pay for abortions. Despite the decades long prohibition on the use of taxes for abortion, known as the Hyde amendment, the pro abortion commentators are loudly claiming that Stupak would outlaw abortion or oppose choice. Since the amendment clearly does neither this deliberate distortion should be obvious. In fact, what they (the abortion industry) want is tax dollars that we, the citizens, would have to pay without any choice.

Again I urge you to support health care reform but to insist that it be done so that our taxes are not used for abortions and medical professionals' conscience rights are protected.

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